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Begin Your Marriage On The Right Foot

Prenuptial agreements are no longer just for the wealthy. In fact, prenuptial agreements are used by couples to protect their children, financial assets and other interests. A thoroughly and transparently prepared prenuptial agreement can provide important peace of mind as you enter into your marriage. At Fox, Chandler, Homans, Hicks & McKinnon, LLP, we know that many people do not have firsthand experience with prenuptial agreements. To help you determine if a prenuptial agreement is appropriate for your marriage, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

What Is A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a binding document that accounts for the financial and property considerations in your marriage. They require full financial disclosure from both partners. Prenuptial agreements, often called prenups, may account for insurance needs, existing property, spousal debts and more.

Equally important is what prenuptial agreements do not do. Prenuptial agreements do not bind you to spousal support or child custody agreements. In some cases, courts will invalidate clauses or sections of a prenuptial agreement they consider blatantly unfair.

Do I Need To Be Rich To Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

No. Many people enter into prenuptial agreements. Some people do so because they have any existing property, debt or children to consider. You do not need to have lots of money for a prenuptial agreement to be a good fit for your marriage.

What Information Do I Need To Get Started?

Tax records, bank statements and any statements of debt are good places to start. Speak to our lawyers today for a more thorough examination of your options and necessary documents.

How Do I Talk To One Of Your Attorneys?

Call our Gainesville office today at 678-956-7055, or our Dawsonville office at 706-521-0704, or email us. Our attorneys can help you evaluate your choices and make the right choice for you.