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What We Do For You

We’re lucky to be governed under a Constitution that guarantees each and every citizen accused of a crime the right to an attorney and the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in a court of law. With the team of criminal attorneys at Fox, Chandler, Homans, Hicks and McKinnon, your best interests will be represented.

“During this stressful time, you can be confident knowing your case is in the right hands.”

Criminal Law Services


We can guide you through serious felony charges and help you review your options.

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You may feel the transgression was minor, but it can have serious legal ramifications if not handled properly.

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It is possible to protect your driving record. We can show you how.

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Be smart in managing traffic offenses and protect your future driving record.

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Administrative Hearing

We represent you at every step of a criminal case, including separate hearings.

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