Can you prevent evidence from being used against you?

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Are you nervous about criminal charges that have been levied against you? Do you feel like the evidence is stacked against you? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you probably think that your future is looking pretty bleak. But don’t count yourself out. Even when the prosecution’s evidence seems insurmountable, there might be some strong criminal defense options available that can help you protect your rights and your freedom. One of the best defense strategies that may be available to you is evidence suppression.

How does evidence suppression work?

Evidence suppression is the process whereby evidence is excluded from the proceedings at hand. In other words, if you’re successful in suppressing evidence, then the prosecution can’t use it against you, even if it’s indicative of your guilt.

When can evidence be suppressed?

There are many scenarios that can warrant the suppression of evidence. One common situation is when evidence is deemed to be fruit of the poisonous tree. This simply means that the evidence was collected following some illegal action taken by law enforcement. A perfect example of this is when police officers conduct a traffic stop for no reason then subsequently find narcotics in the vehicle. Since the narcotics are deemed to be tainted due to the illegality of the traffic stop, then that evidence is likely to be suppressed.

There are other ways to suppress evidence, though. For example, if the prosecution’s witnesses fail to appear at scheduled depositions after being subpoenaed, then you might be able to prevent them from testifying against you at trial. If law enforcement officers mishandle evidence, then you might be able to argue that it has been compromised and therefore can’t be trusted. This can lead to suppression, too.

Fight to protect your rights and your freedom

There’s a lot at stake in your criminal case. You might be threatened with prison or jail time, and a conviction can cause extensive damage to your reputation and your ability to find employment and housing. With so much on the line, don’t trust your criminal defense to the cheapest option you can find. Instead, work closely with a skilled criminal defense team that is going to give you the holistic and aggressive criminal defense that you need and deserve.