Two arrested and charged with auto entering spree

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Parked cars appear to offer an easy target for potential thieves. Most parked cars are unattended for substantial blocks of time, and most entering crimes occur at night when the owners are most likely sleeping. A young Gainesville couple appeared to have been intent on exploiting these circumstances prior to their arrests last week.

The allegations

According to police, the man and the woman were arrested while breaking into automobiles in south Dawson County. The pair was initially charged with entering 16 automobiles with intent to commit theft. After the initial charges were entered, police added 16 additional counts for each suspect. The woman was also charged with possession of drug-related objects. The man was charged with the possession of a fire arm during commission of a crime and with possession of drug-related objects. The exact nature of the “drug-related objects” was not described by police. The two suspects are currently incarcerated at the Dawson County Detention Center without bail.

Police are in the process of sorting through the stolen recovered from the suspects and notifying those persons whose property was alleged to have been stolen. Some individuals were not aware that their cars had been broken into, and police are endeavoring to find them and notify them of the suspected criminal activity.

Related investigations

Investigators are working with authorities in neighboring jurisdictions in an effort to link auto thefts in these areas with the current suspects. anticipate filing more charges against the pair when they finish their investigation.

The suspects in this case are facing serious consequences if they should be convicted, especially if either has a history of prior criminal behavior. Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance. A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate the evidence, suggest potential defense strategies and, when appropriate, assist in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement.