A violent attack can happen on any property

by | May 5, 2021 | personal injury |

Georgia is slowly opening up as more tourists and business travelers make treks to the region. It also means hotels, motels, restaurants and public places gradually see more and more foot traffic. However, those increased numbers of people also mean plenty of opportunities for criminals to prey on more victims.

Violent attacks on unsuspecting people can happen at any of the above locations as well as parking lots, parking ramps, stairwells in or near these vicinities. A criminal assault may take place while walking through a parking ramp, using a restaurant bathroom and even sleeping in your hotel bed. These are situations with roots in negligent security.

Assailants benefit from poor lighting

Businesses, property owners and landlords must provide safe and secure premises for the public and their guests. Protecting them is crucial, and negligence is unforgivable. A violent assault can lead to many terrible outcomes. Emotional trauma, serious injuries with an extensive medical stay, the need for therapy and the temporary or permanent inability to work.

Such violent attacks are preventable as long as business property owners put into place effective safety measures. By ignoring safety protocol, they open themselves up for a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some of the reasons such attacks occur:

  • Poor lighting: Darkness provides ideal cover for attackers, waiting to jump unsuspecting people in building stairwells, parking lots, parking ramps, hallways and the common areas of structures.
  • Non-functioning security cameras or complete lack of cameras: These tools are critical for surveillance in observing the comings and goings of people and ensuring safety.
  • Few security staff members: There is strength in numbers. The larger the property, the more security staff needed. In addition, the security must receive proper training.
  • Easily picked or opened locks to windows and doors: Hotel guests expect their travel stays to be safe and without any trauma. However, they can become crime victims in these situations.

Staying safe has taken on a new meaning during the COVID-19 crisis. However, property owners must understand that public members have every right to stay safe when they visit their properties.