What factors are considered for awards of alimony?

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A divorce can throw into question many complicated issues in the lives of Georgia residents. From how their kids will be cared for to how they will have the financial means to support themselves, Gainesville residents may be unsure of how they will manage once their marriages are over. It is important that readers remember that they do not have to face their divorces alone. Trusted family law attorneys can help them along each step of their divorces.

One matter that can be of the utmost importance during a divorce is alimony. Alimony is financial support paid by one divorcing party to the other once their marriage is over. Not all divorces result in awards of alimony, and some parties choose to create their own alimony agreements rather than having the courts craft them for them.

When a court is asked to decide if alimony is warranted in a divorce, it will look at many factors to determine the appropriate outcome. This post will discuss some of those factors, but readers are asked to remember that this post does not provide any legal advice. Attorneys who practice divorce and family law can help them with their specific questions.

Alimony factors: An overview

The facts and circumstances of a divorce and its parties will guide a court toward its decisions regarding a request for alimony. Some of the factors the court may evaluate are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and conditions of the parties
  • The standard of living the parties enjoyed during their marriage
  • Any reasons that one or both of the parties may be unable to work
  • Any financial assets the parties may have or access to money

As stated, not all divorces involve awards or agreements for alimony. When the parties can support themselves following their divorce, they may each leave their marriage with the power to financially provide for their own needs.

Fighting for needed alimony

After years of serving the needs of one’s family and spouse, a Georgia resident may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of facing a divorce. Without a work history or training to get back into the workforce, they may worry about making ends meet once their marriage is over. Alimony is an important and necessary part of a divorce for men and women who cannot financially survive on their own. Their attorneys can advocate for their needs and fight for their family law rights.