Locals arrested after shooting and drug seizure

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In the new year, we all set resolutions and have hopes and dreams we are looking forward to coming true. However, what we never expect is to be arrested, especially after such a crazy 2020. Though, this is what one local woman and her boyfriend are currently enduring.

The alleged incident

According to Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies, on the morning of Dec. 30, they received reports of a shooting outside a Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn is located at the 4900 block of Bristol Industrial Way. Upon arriving, they found a Flowery Branch man with a gunshot wound, along with his girlfriend, a Gainesville woman.

She was immediately transported to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville. Luckily, she had non-life threatening injuries. The Flowery Branch man was taken to a medical center in Braselton.

The investigation

According to the deputies, the man had $2,000 on his person, and they found “suspected” illegal drugs. Based on this suspicion, the police were able to get a search warrant for the couple’s hotel room. In the room, they allegedly found an addition $5,000, 340 grams of heroin and over 400 grams of a substance that contained methamphetamine. In total, the police claim that the street value of the found drugs was about $142,000.

The Flowery Branch man and Gainesville woman were arrested on drug trafficking charges after being released from the hospital. Both were booked into the Hall County jail on Jan. 1 and Jan. 3, respectively. Specifically, they jointly face charges of trafficking heroin and methamphetamine, and possession of heroin and methamphetamine with intent to distribute. However, the shooting investigation is still under investigation.

The aftermath

This story is likely a shock for Gainesville, Georgia, residents for several reasons. For the accused and their families though, most shocking is likely that the police here seemed to be more concerned about arresting a gunshot victim than finding the shooter. They are likely shocked that the bleeding victims were not their primary concern.

For their criminal defense, it is also of note that they attained a search warrant based on suspected drugs. There is no indication that a field test was used or that a positive test was indicated. Moreover, why were they searching the clothes of crime victims? The accused here should immediately contact an attorney, and for those finding themselves in a situation where police are involved, call an attorney immediately. As this shows, even victims can quickly find themselves in handcuffs.