DUIs and traffic violations part of statewide holiday crackdown

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Facing allegations of traffic violations and driving under the influence in Georgia can be the catalyst for a series of personal and financial challenges. While the laws against DUI and committing illegal acts behind the wheel like texting and driving are in place for a reason, a traffic stop, citation and arrest does not automatically mean a person is guilty. Since the penalties can be so problematic, it is imperative that those who are dealing with these issues understand how to craft a strong defense.

Holiday crackdown on DUIs and other traffic infractions underway in Georgia

Georgia drivers have been given a warning by law enforcement that a crackdown is underway and committing a DUI will result in an immediate arrest. There will also be significant attention paid to drivers who speed, drive while distracted and commit other traffic offenses. The goal is to reduce the number of accidents with injuries and fatalities throughout the holiday season. Even though traffic is expected to be far lower than normal due to the ongoing health concerns, there will still be holiday gatherings and people might get behind the wheel after drinking.

Statistically, a major percentage of fatal auto accidents are due to DUI. Of the 1,504 traffic deaths in Georgia in 2018, 375 were linked to alcohol. In the time from 6 p.m. Christmas Eve through the end of the day on Dec. 26, there were 14 road deaths. If there is an arrest and conviction for DUI, drivers will likely face multiple consequences including jail, fines, loss of driving privileges and other problems even after they have completed their sentence. That might include raised insurance rates and the negative impact of a DUI conviction on the record. With distracted driving and speeding, the person can have points on the driver license, fines and more. As the crackdown moves forward, people should be cognizant of how to defend themselves against these allegations.

Having a comprehensive defense may require legal representation

There is often a perception that a person who is charged with DUI and traffic violations will have a difficult time with the case. Naturally, the situation will dictate the most useful strategy to formulate a defense. Still, there are effective strategies and avenues that can yield a positive result. Perhaps the traffic stop violated the driver’s rights or the evidence is faulty. There could be alternatives available to avoid a trial and conviction. Before accepting the charges and consequences, consulting with an experienced criminal defense legal professional can provide guidance and advice on how to proceed. A firm with a history of helping people charged with DUI and traffic violations may be able to help.