Understanding slip and fall accidents and injuries

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Accidents happen. It is part of life. At some point a Florida resident will face an injury that they did not cause to happen to themselves. When such an injury occurs, they may feel helpless to move their life forward.

Many accidents involve slips, trips, and falls. These incidents are often due to the negligent or reckless care of property. A wet floor at the grocery store, loose rugs in a restaurant, or a broken step on a neighbor’s porch can all lead to serious tumbles and personal injuries for victims.

Slip and fall accidents are generally covered by premises liability laws. These laws are complex and should be reviewed with the help of trusted personal injury attorneys. This post offers information only and should not be read as legal advice.

The basics of premises liability claims

Premises liability claims are based on the negligence of property owners. When a person owns property, they are expected to maintain it in a reasonably safe manner. This protects their visitors from suffering harm when they move through or across the owner’s property.

When a person suffers a slip and fall on someone else’s property, they may have to prove several different elements to succeed on their premises liability claim. They may have to show that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous property element. They may have to show that it was foreseeable that someone would be hurt by it. They may also have to prove that they suffered actual losses from their accident.

Steps to take after a slip and fall accident

When a victim is harmed in a slip and fall accident, they should seek medical help to have their injuries assessed and treated. They should document when, where, and with whom the accident occurred. If possible, they should take pictures of the dangerous property element that harmed them.

Based on the facts of a case, it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit for the recovery of a victim’s damages based on such an event. A personal injury attorney can be a valuable resource for a slip and fall victim who wishes to protect their rights and interests.