Thousands Of Georgia Teenagers May Be Driving Without A Road Test

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In April of 2020 the state of Georgia waived the road-test requirement for drivers and issued drivers licenses to thousands of teenagers, who previously had learners’ permits, in the state. That means there are countless teenagers currently driving without the traditional mandatory road-test.

Driving Without A Test Indefinitely?

While Governor Brian Kemp signed an additional executive order stating that Georgia residents issued a license without a road-test would need to complete one by Sept. 30 in order to keep their license, that still means numerous Georgia teenagers will go months without passing an official road-test.

What Does This Mean?

While these modifications to the traditional laws were enacted in an effort to reduce the effects of Coronavirus, they may present an additional danger. According to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teens in the United States.

Young drivers on the road may be even more susceptible to accidents without the proper testing and experience. In fact, the CDC states that the chance of an accident is particularly high for teenagers within the first months of obtaining their license. Having a significant number of unskilled drivers on the roads, for even a few weeks, could present a risk to everyone.

What Can Be Done?

For parents with teenagers hoping to upgrade their permit to a license, you may want to take extra precaution to ensure your child is ready to take on the responsibility of driving alone.

Other drivers in Georgia may need to behave especially cautiously when driving for the next several weeks.