Explaining Divorce To Your Children

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Of the many difficult parts of divorce, breaking the news to your kids might be one of the hardest. The conversation about divorce is sure to be challenging, especially with young children. Regardless, helping them to understand the whys and hows of the process is important.

There are a few methods and theories about how best to talk to your children about divorce and explain what is happening.

Tips For Breaking The News

Discussing divorce is a delicate conversation and must be handled carefully. Some or all these tips may help you and your family have this conversation productively.

  • Plan out what you’re going to say in advance
  • Talk to your children with your spouse
  • Keep explanations simple
  • Be as honest as possible
  • Be respectful of your spouse during the conversation
  • Acknowledge and listen to your children’s feelings and questions

While this conversation is never easy, preparation and compassion can help the discussion go as smoothly as possible.

What To Be Sure To Emphasize And Explain

In many cases, your children may be confused and worried about what may happen during and after your divorce. When talking to your children about this, it is important to make sure they understand what the process will look like and how it will affect them and their family. There are a few things you may want to make sure you address during this conversation including:

  • The divorce is not their fault
  • You both still love them
  • There may be changes in the future
  • You can work together to solve any problems that may come up

It is important that they know they are still loved regardless of the circumstances.

Discussing a divorce with your children may be challenging and emotional, but you can have a productive conversation about it with the right planning and attitude.