Tips to tackle single parenting in the summer

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Summer is every kid’s favorite season. There is no school, no homework and all the free time in the world. However, some single parents dread the summer because it means their kids are trapped in the house, and it makes parents question what they can do to make summer fun for the whole family.

Four tips for managing summertime fun with the kids

There are several ways single parents can enjoy the summertime weather and keep the kids occupied:

  • Establish a routine – Once kids aren’t in school, they may feel unproductive throughout their summer days. But as the parent, you can establish a routine that gives the kids structure for their days. Easy ways to offer a routine is getting up and going to bed at the same time every night.
  • Start a new hobby – If your kids (and you) are bored, try picking up a new hobby like hiking, cooking, painting or whatever piques your interest. It also offers an opportunity to spend more quality between you and your children.
  • Get inventive with care – Parents may have to use multiple programs to cover childcare throughout the summer. However, single parents can be creative and incorporate family and neighbors into their childcare plans. Maybe even start a babysitting club where each parent hosts a day for kids at their home.
  • Find time for yourself – As the parent, make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy the new season yourself. Even taking a morning walk or an hour to read will give you time to unwind and recharge while the kids play.

Parents shouldn’t feel cooped up inside during the summer months. They have the same opportunities to enjoy the summer air and time with their kid – if they plan ahead.