The cost of a divorce

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Divorces are a painfully long and complicated process that is also extremely emotional for everyone involved. Divorces can take more from families than you might expect, and it pays to know what to expect in the cost of a divorce.

Even celebrities are not immune to the cost of divorces. While most divorces do not rack up costs in the millions of dollars, they can be devastating for both spouses.

Putting numbers to the price

There are two groups to the cost of a divorce: the initial cost and the lasting costs.

The initial costs of divorce include one-time payments like a settlement to a spouse, attorney fees, court costs, or hiring fees for experts. The amount of these costs can vary, depending on the length or complexity of the divorce, but the national average cost of a divorce is about $15,000 per person. While these costs can be taxing, they are not the only costs.

The lasting costs of a divorce involve anything that may require regular payments. The common forms of these costs include child support and alimony. These values are based on unique factors of each spouse, such as:

  • Earning potential
  • Age
  • Medical health
  • Marital contribution

Commonly, the monthly payment of these benefits can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars a month. A lawyer can help a spouse learn what to expect from these potential costs.

Know what is coming

Research of any difficult event that is on the horizon can better prepare anyone to get the best possible outcome in their legal trouble. The cost of a divorce does not have to blindside anyone, and an attorney can help answer some crucial questions about these costs.