Criminal convictions and job hunting

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Everyone makes mistakes. However, most people learn from those mistakes and lead better lives because of it. But can your mistakes come back and haunt you?

Many employers conduct strict background searches through the application process, and many applicants worry about how prior convictions affect their job hunt.

How a conviction affects an offer

It’s challenging to predict how a conviction affects the hiring process because there are so many factors. Employers need to take into account:

  • The type of conviction
  • When the conviction happened
  • Does the conviction affect the job?

For some jobs, it makes sense they would heavily consider certain convictions to prevent risks in their office. For example, a distribution center will not want to hire a truck driver with multiple traffic violations.

However, if the crime does not relate to the industry you’re applying for, it is less likely you will experience any issues. And many states, including Georgia, employers may follow the “Ban-The-Box” act where a criminal record cannot automatically disqualify a prospective employee.

Turning over a new leaf

The act doesn’t state that employers cannot consider prior convictions along with other factors to choose one candidate over another. But job hunters can take proactive action and run a criminal background themselves to know what to disclose in future applications.

It also allows you to dispute any errors or possibly expunge eligible convictions if it’s possible. It may make a huge difference in landing the right job for your future.

It’s important to note that arrests do not show on a background, so avoiding conviction is the best bet for you and any potential jobs in the future.