4 assumptions of a young divorce

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When you get married young, many people are going to judge you. That judgment only gets worse when a young couple gets divorced. Although 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, young couples are scrutinized for the end of their marriage.

Divorce for young couples can be very isolating. The odds of finding someone their age that can relate to their divorce is slim to none. Many of their friends don’t know how to handle the news, especially when they are getting married at the same time.

The assumptions

  • The couple lacked maturity: Many people will assume that the couple wasn’t mature enough to get married in the first place. They may assume that the couple jumped into the marriage without thinking it through. This is not always the case. Sometimes, it’s as simple as incompatibility. Getting divorced young comes from a place of unhappiness, not immaturity. Young couple now are more focused on their individual happiness now more than ever. If they don’t make each other happy, young couples are less likely to “stick it out.”
  • They’re quitting on their marriage: Many may say they didn’t give the marriage enough time. They may assume that the couple is quitting. Although they are getting divorced, Millennials wouldn’t see it as quitting. Because most Millennials grew up around divorced parents, they can detect red flags in a marriage based on what they’ve experienced. Millennials are very realistic. Before spending decades with someone until their relationship comes to an end, they opt to end the marriage on better terms.
  • The divorce is a breeze: Many young couples that get divorced don’t have children and may not own a house. Because of this, an assumption arises that their divorce is easy. They don’t have to split up much; their lives are pretty separate as it is. Even if a couple doesn’t have a house or children together, they still share a living space, bills and sometimes a pet. Millennials typically choose to live together before marriage. They have financial obligations to one another like any other couple.
  • Moving on is easy: Because of your age, many believe that jumping back into the dating pool is simple. However, they don’t put into account that you need to process your divorce. Just because you’re young, does not mean that the divorce didn’t severely affect you. It can be uncomfortable and feels wrong to jump back into being single.

People will have their opinions about any couple who gets a divorce. It’s important to do what’s best for you so you can process your divorce in a healthy way.