Providing quality of life plays a role in parenting time

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Getting a divorce can come with a lot of questions. Your life will be put on the chopping block to see what ends up where. But it’s not just you and your spouse that need to face the process, as your children will also require some answers.

Georgia ranks in the top 15 states in the country when it comes to divorce, and that means plenty of families before you have gone through this life-changing event. If you’re becoming part of that statistic, you may have to figure out what that means for the time you can spend with your children.

Raising standards

Georgia will look to do what’s in the best interest of your children. Generally, that means that if you can provide them with a happy and healthy life, you’ve got a good shot at getting a share of parenting time:

  • Supply: The health and protection of your children are of paramount importance. The courts will want to make sure you can give them a safe home after your divorce, while also providing quality care guidance.
  • Status quo: The courts may try to avoid major upheavals in your children’s lives. This could work in your favor if you’re remaining in the area, and your children will be able to maintain their support network of extended family.
  • Resources: The material things could also count in your favor. If you’re able to provide necessities like food, clothing and medical care, then you may have a strong case.

Taking care of your kids could start by showing the courts that you’re able. Understand the standards that they expect of you, and you could be on your way to getting a fair share of time.