Don’t lose your driver’s license over traffic violations

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A traffic ticket can ruin the flow of your day. Taking care of a ticket on time can help you dodge the worst-case scenario.

In Georgia, you can address the ticket by either paying the fine or contesting the ticket. Paying the ticket is the quicker of the two options, the other being contesting the ticket in court, which will be a more drawn out process than paying it off.

Paying the fine

You can submit your payment to the designated county court listed on the ticket immediately after you receive it. This could be a more costly option, but you won’t have to strategize a way to plead not guilty in front of the police officer who issued the ticket.


Additionally, paying the ticket doesn’t eliminate the violation from your driving record, and super speeding isn’t the only road to a license suspension. Like most states, traffic violations in Georgia follow a point system, where each violation ranges from two to six points. If you receive 15 points in the span of two years, you could also face suspension of your license.


Stacking up points on your driving record could lead to higher car insurance rates. And if a police officer pulls you over again and are driving with a suspended license, then could put you behind bars.

Contesting the ticket


Fighting your ticket is a more time-consuming process, but you have the right to a speedy trial under the sixth amendment. If you don’t waive this right, there is a greater chance your case gets dismissed.


Or if you are flexible and choose to reschedule your court date from the one originally assigned, the police officer who issued it might not be able to appear in court. This will make proving your innocence and receiving justice much easier.



Traffic violations can lead to larger problems if ignored

Don’t let an inconvenience turn into something you can’t ignore. An attorney can help you understand your ticket, and your options more fully.