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Understanding the risks of a traumatic brain injury

For many families of traumatic brain injury victims in Georgia, receiving the phone call that their loved one has been gravely injured and will have a long recovery ahead is both debilitating and incomprehensible. Depending on the severity of the injury and the accident that caused it, some TBI victims never fully recover and are left to cope with ongoing side effects of their injury. 

While TBIs can be caused by a variety of things, the Mayo Clinic reports that how severe the injury is, is often centered on the force of the impact that was experienced. Examples of accidents that could result in variations of a TBI include car accidents, combat injuries, domestic violence, falls and sports-related injuries. In each of these situations, delayed medical treatment can have detrimental effects on the injured person's ability to live and ultimately recover from the injuries that were sustained. While anyone can be the victim of a TBI, children, young adults and the elderly are at a significantly higher risk. 

Helping someone with a TBI requires people to be patient, understanding and committed to helping the victim recognize his or her own potential. Caretakers of the TBI victim should refrain from having unrealistic expectations of the person's ability to heal and resume previous activities. They can work with the medical team of the victim to identify exercises that they can do with the injured person to help strengthen the brain's function. They can also receive advice about how to set goals for the person's improvement. reminds people that while they may be tempted to help out and do everything for a TBI victim, it is imperative that they help the victim to rebuild his or her independence. This can only be achieved if they allow them to experience difficulties as they relearn the processes of day-to-day living.  

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