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What are some common risks for customers in retail stores?

When you go shopping in a store in Georgia, an injury is not probably something you expect to get. However, for many people, this is exactly what happens. It is essential to understand the risks a retail store may pose to your safety before you ever step a foot inside. This can help to keep you and whoever is with you safe when you are shopping.

According to Kaercher Insurance, some of the safety hazards in a retail setting are not completely on the shoulders of the retailer. For example, shopping cart injuries are often the fault of the shopper. Carts can easily tip over if you allow children to climb on them or stand in them. Always make sure children are securely seated and strapped into the cart. You also should take care when loading your cart to not offset the center of balance.

Another issue is overcrowding. Sometimes a retailer cannot control the number of shoppers in the store at a given time. You should be careful to watch out for crowded retailers and avoid them until the crowd disperses. Crowds could pose many risks, such as trampling. Retailers could be accountable if they foresaw the issue, such as when they run a special sale. They should put safety guards in place to protect you in such an instance.

Other issues that often are within control of the retailer include snow and ice removal, which can lead to falls, cracked pavement or badly designed parking lots. They also should be on top of wet floors to prevent slip and fall accidents. Finally, retailers should ensure you are safe from falling objects, such as displays stacked too high, or provide ample assistance with getting items off high shelves. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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