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February 2019 Archives

When is self-defense valid?

You may be hard-pressed to find someone in Gainesville who has not heard of one claiming self-defense when responding to criminal accusations. In fact, it may seem that such a defense is so common that it has lost its credibility as a valid justification. Yet there very well may be scenarios where you feel threatened to the point of needing to respond with action (in some cases, even lethal force). The question then becomes when are you legally justified to do so? 

What do you need to know about attractive nuisances?

It seems like a funny term, but an attractive nuisance is no laughing matter, especially when it concerns your child. You and other Georgia residents need to understand this legal issue, both for your children’s protection and your own potential liability.

What are the requirements to adopt in Georgia?

If you and your significant other plan to grow your family via adoption in Georgia, you may wish to get started on the adoption process as soon as possible. While it is great that you want to dive right in, be sure to get your ducks in row before beginning the application process. By checking state requirements ahead of time and learning more about the state's adoption laws, you can ensure that the entire process goes much more smoothly and ultimately works out in your favor.

What makes an online threat illegal?

Social media has long since crossed the line between novel and everyday, a fact that has prompted lawmakers to embrace new laws that create a safer and less hostile environment for users. Many of the laws strive to prevent online threats and allow for the persecution of those who make them. Unfortunately for cyberbully victims, the Supreme Court seems to take the stance that online threats are merely a form of free speech. However, that has not stopped states such as Georgia from regulating and prosecuting individuals whom they believe have made credible online threats. 

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