Understanding how narcissism can destroy relationships

| Jan 13, 2019 | Family Law |

When people in Georgia realize they are living in the depths of a relationship where they are abused by a narcissistic partner, they often wonder how it happened. They may reflect on their initial meeting and how at the beginning of their relationship, they were treated so differently and felt loved and valued. Now, they are dealing with the daily feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness and fear.

Sometimes, people may be in denial that their partner is narcissistic, but PsychCentral provides people with some signs that may indicate that they are suffering abuse at the hands of their narcissistic partner. If people are experiencing narcissistic abuse, they may be subject to the following:

  • An inability to trust their partner that begins to affect their ability to trust others and even themselves.
  • A tendency to ignore their personal needs, goals and desires to appease their partner.
  • A clouded vision about the origin of the abuse, extending to blaming themselves for the hurt they are enduring.

There are many reasons why narcissists resort to abusing their partner over time. According to Psychology Today, it could be because they struggle to understand that even though their spouse has different qualities and weaknesses as them, they are still valuable. Rather, they see anyone who behaves in a manner that they view as inferior, as someone who is inadequate or not good enough. Likewise, they may also have a lack of empathy to understand how others are feeling and why they may be feeling that way.