Keeping a divorce from ruining future dating opportunities

| Jan 19, 2019 | Family Law |

When couples divorce in Georgia, often, one of the last thoughts on their mind is entering into another long-term relationship like the one they have just ended. In fact, many people put off dating while they work relentlessly to put their lives back together, reorganize their finances and recover from the emotional toll of a failed relationship.

If and when they do reach the point of desiring to date again after their divorce, this process often takes time and can be met with apprehension and hesitation. As people ease themselves back into the dating scene, they may benefit from creating a map that visualizes how they desire for a new relationship to progress. They should also be wary of jumping into a relationship with someone who seems too perfect or may be reeling from their own recently dissolved relationship.

For people who do share children with their ex, it is important that they discuss their intentions and interests with their children to keep things transparent and honest. Along those lines, they should not try and hide their children from dating prospects, but openly introduce them and encourage positive interactions by planning group activities that everyone can enjoy. A therapist can be a valuable team member in helping people through the trauma of leaving one relationship and beginning another.

If people are in the process of seeking a divorce, an attorney can help. Legal professionals may be able to provide encouragement, direction and legal advice during a process that is often time-consuming and stressful.

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