Could my commute hurt my marriage?

| Jan 24, 2019 | Uncategorized |

It might be tempting to take that new job opportunity in the city, but you may want to think twice about whether it’s worth it. A study highlighted on says a long commute has the potential to hurt your marriage.

The research found that if one spouse in a marriage had a commute longer than 45 minutes, they were 40% more likely to get divorced. However, couples who had been commuting longer than five years weren’t more likely to get divorced, so if you can weather the storm you may be able to adapt.

Factors that may contribute

No one enjoys a long commute–commuting takes you away from the things you enjoy. In addition, commuting can negatively affect a marriage in the following ways:

  • Commuting isn’t fun–being stuck in traffic can bring anyone down and you may not be happy when you walk in the door.
  • The other spouse is relegated to work locally and/or pick up more of the household and childcare duties. Depending on how you handle it, this could lead to resentment.
  • Research states that more money doesn’t always make you happier–it would take a 40% bump in pay to make a long commute worth missing out on family time.
  • Missing out on family time can cause feelings of resentment and sadness.


There’s another reason why that job may not be as good as you think–long commutes aren’t good for your health, contributing to obesity, loneliness and stress. So while that opportunity in the city may be enticing, consider it wisely- it may have a bigger toll in the end than you expect.