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January 2019 Archives

Could my commute hurt my marriage?

It might be tempting to take that new job opportunity in the city, but you may want to think twice about whether it’s worth it. A study highlighted on says a long commute has the potential to hurt your marriage.

Keeping a divorce from ruining future dating opportunities

When couples divorce in Georgia, often, one of the last thoughts on their mind is entering into another long-term relationship like the one they have just ended. In fact, many people put off dating while they work relentlessly to put their lives back together, reorganize their finances and recover from the emotional toll of a failed relationship. 

You have a right to remain silent, here is why you should use it

The Constitution of the United States gives you the right to be silent if you are placed under arrest. Known as the Miranda warning, it can be provided to you by a police officer at the time of an arrest. There are still many people who are confused by what this right is and why it is so beneficial to them.

Understanding how narcissism can destroy relationships

When people in Georgia realize they are living in the depths of a relationship where they are abused by a narcissistic partner, they often wonder how it happened. They may reflect on their initial meeting and how at the beginning of their relationship, they were treated so differently and felt loved and valued. Now, they are dealing with the daily feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness and fear. 

Can you get an annulment?

There are many misunderstandings about an annulment and when you can get one. When you get married in Georgia, you create a legally binding contract. An annulment, according to the Superior Court of Fulton County, voids the legal contract of marriage and makes it as if it never existed. This is a big deal legally speaking. That is why annulments are not common and the court only grants them in very specific situations.

Georgia considers non-use of car seats "worst type of misuse"

Georgia, like all other 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, has strict car seat laws in place to protect the young and vulnerable in the event of a car crash. Though the laws vary from state to state, each state has specific criteria for certain age groups and children of specific weight and height.

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