Sharing the news about your adopted child in an appropriate way

| Dec 1, 2018 | Family Law |

You are still reeling with the excitement of having just adopted for the first time in Georgia. The precious new child that you have brought home is quickly stealing your heart and you cannot wait to share the happy news of having welcomed your child, with the other people in your circle of family and friends. At Fox, Chandler, Homans, Hicks & McKinnon, LLP, we have helped many families celebrate the joyous occasion of adoption.

Chances are that everyone you know will be eager to hear about your experience, meet your child and learn all about his or her upbringing and background. You are probably equally as enthusiastic about sharing the details of your child’s adoption and how grateful you are that he or she is now a part of your family. While sharing your news is necessary and undoubtedly exciting, it is imperative that you also remember to be selective about what you choose to share to protect your new child from unnecessary judgments.

According to, a common mistake that many adoptive parents make is to tell everyone they know about every single detail about their child. While this temptation may be a challenging one to resist, your efforts to keep sensitive information confidential can help to protect your child and give him or her the best chance at being accepted. For example, if your child was born into a dangerous environment where he or she was exposed to drugs, these are details that while potentially valuable to your child’s history, may not be appropriate to share with others.

When you can introduce your beautiful new child with confidence and the perfect amount of information about his or her background, you can retain his or her privacy and allow other people to truly get to know your child for who they are. For more information about adoption, visit our web page.