6 men killed after violent collision with alleged drunk driver

| Oct 29, 2018 | personal injury |

For many drivers in Georgia, traveling the same routes each day may become a bit mundane and even begin to feel effortless in a way. However, it is critical that regardless of a person’s level of confidence with driving, that he or she remain vigilant and aware of the surroundings. Despite the best efforts of motorists to be safe and responsible drivers, there are times when people who are careless, reckless, distracted or impaired may create an extreme danger to the other drivers around them.

A recent collision out of Heber, Utah illustrates how one poor decision can instantly change the lives of many people. A man driving a dump truck was reportedly operating his vehicle under the influence when authorities began receiving several calls from other drivers who noticed that he appeared to be swerving in and out of his lane and driving recklessly on State Route 40. At one point, his truck hit a median before barreling over it and landing on top of a pickup truck that was traveling in another direction. First responders found three men had been ejected from that truck and were pronounced dead at the scene. Later on, another three men were found inside of the crushed pickup truck and were also deceased.

When authorities requested a blood alcohol test, the driver of the dump truck refused to comply. Investigators had to request a warrant to get the information they needed to complete their investigation into the crash. The injuries of the men in the pickup truck were so severe that they could not be immediately identified. The alleged drunk driver is currently being held without bail and is awaiting sentencing for his crimes.

If people have been the victims of another person’s reckless behavior, they may wish to contact an attorney for help. Legal professionals have the experience and knowledge to provide guidance throughout legal proceedings as victims try to get compensation for injuries and losses they may have sustained in their accident.

Source: U.S. News, “Utah Truck Driver Is Jailed Without Bond After Crash That Kills 6,” Oct. 21, 2018