Fighting Back Against DUI Charges

Drunk driving has serious consequences. In Georgia, a drunk driving charge may mean incarceration and hefty fines. The conviction will appear on your background checks and may prevent you from getting employment.

Drunk driving charges are intimidating, and you may feel overwhelmed. Fox, Chandler, Homans, Hicks & McKinnon, LLP, can guide you. Get started today.

Below are some answers to questions you may have. We are ready for your call.

What Is Drunk Driving?

Most people are familiar with drunk driving and the .08 driving limit. When you've consumed enough alcohol to reach a blood alcohol content (BAC) of or above .08, you are legally driving drunk.

What many people do not realize is that (1) you may be considered under the influence without having to take the BAC test if you fail field sobriety tests, and (2) there are different standards for intoxication when you are driving a commercial vehicle or are under the legal drinking age.

If you are driving with a commercial license and your BAC is .04 or higher, you are driving drunk. If you are under the age of 21 and have a BAC of .02 or higher, you are driving drunk.

What Is Implied Consent?

Georgia is an implied consent state, meaning that if you refuse to take a breath test, that refusal may be considered as evidence of your intoxication at trial. Previously, refusal also meant that you would face a license suspension without the ability to get a waiver or limited license.

Implied consent has been brought before the Georgia Supreme Court and many civil rights attorneys object to it as unconstitutional. To find out what this means for you and your case, speak to our attorneys today.

Will I Lose My License?

Even a first-time offense may come with a one-year license suspension. Some limited license and hardship provisions may apply to your case.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Yes. An attorney is the best way to make sure you and your rights are protected. An experienced attorney will defend you and have the knowledge to get you the best outcome possible. Our lawyers are former prosecutors and judges. They know the justice system and your choices.

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